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change management ray shafazand

Change is a constant force that your business needs to be prepared for. Many companies don’t take the time to prepare for change and they wind up going under because of it. Some businesses decide to get professional help with organizational change management. They have people specifically focused on managing the changes that need to be implemented so that they can survive tumultuous times. 

Understanding Organizational Change Management

Organizational change management is a process where a manager oversees some type of change in a company. This manager can work to guide employees through the process of change so that they can find success. It makes dealing with changes easier because there is someone there who understands what is going on and is ready to take calculated actions. There are three main parts of organizational change management that companies go through as well. 

First, companies have to prepare for change as best as they can. Once preparations have been made, they need to work on implementing the necessary changes to the company. After this, it’s just about following through to ensure that the company is getting the desired results. It can take time to see organizational change through to completion but having a manager in place really helps. 

Types of Organizational Change

You should also know that there are different types of organizational change that businesses have to go through. Two distinct types of change need to be understood to properly understand this process. Adaptive changes are small types of change where companies will have to make incremental changes to evolve and meet the needs of their customers. Managers can help to come up with effective strategies for these types of changes so that things can go smoothly. 

Transformational changes are much larger and they involve making drastic changes to the structure of a company. These types of changes occur when a company needs to completely shift its mission or strategy. Sweeping changes can take a lot of time to implement and they’ll also require substantial resources and energy. Transformational changes could occur in reaction to some type of emergency situation.